Artie Lang - Crash and Burn

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Artie Lange - Crash and Burn (back)

Artie Lange – Crash and Burn (back)

Anmeldt av Eirik Hafskjold | Lest fra 23. til 25. september 2014


Ever since Artie dissapeared from the Stern Show and I later learned how he tried to off himself with a kitchen knife, I’ve been really curious about what really happened and just how fucked up you need to be to get to that place. And Artie delivers. This is as dark and sad as it gets, and the happy stuff is pretty far between. But it is entirely entertaining, well written and humorous – and I kept cheering for Artie to pull through. Still miss him on the Stern Show, but this book did a lot to answer the questions I had. Required read for any fan.