The Hobbit (front)

  • Tittel: The Hobbit
  • Serie: Middle Earth
  • Forfatter: J.R.R Tolkien
  • Boktype: Innbundet / 289 sider
  • Språk: Engelsk

Boken er i veldig god stand og fullt lesbar.

The Hobbit (back)

The Hobbit (back)

Anmeldt av Eirik Hafskjold | Lest fra 24. august til 26. august 2014


Well, I finally got around to reading it. And now I know how the last movie will end. Without a doubt a really good book that was well written, funny, detailed and entertaining from the first page to the last. Epic stuff. And I guess and easy start before I start reading The Lord of the Rings next. Epic stuff. Everybody can manage this one though. Quick and fun read.