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Eirik Hafskjold
Linda Chanett Hafskjold
Arya Evelyn Hafskjold

Eirik Hafskjold

Dear Leader

Linda Chanett Hafskjold

The Wife

Arya Evelyn Hafskjold

The Kid

What is this site about?2024-01-30T17:13:29+01:00

This is simply my very own website. The culmination of many many many different variations and communities over the years, archived here. Clicky. This is just the final destination of everything and a hobby to keep the web skills alive. Also, a database of my video games and consoles and other personal stuff, as well as a hub for SkyMarshall Arts – which is probably why you found this site in the first place. That is in fact all. No more – no less. It ain’t much, but it’s definitely home.

Who are you again?2024-01-31T07:27:12+01:00

My name is Eirik, Linda is the wife and Arya is the kid. We are just a bog-standard normal middle class Norwegian family. We live on an island in south-eastern Norway in our very own house by the sea with two serial killer cats and an aquarium full of frightened fish. Eirik is an electrician, Linda is an assistant manager at a local grocery store – and Arya demolishes her kindergarten at a daily basis.

How do I get in contact with you?2024-01-31T07:28:18+01:00

Our Discord, SkyNet, would be the quickest way. It’s for SkyMarshall Arts – but we hang out and talk about anything but music to be honest. So if you have something to say, you can go over there and say it. I will be the one with the nick s̲̅Ҝʏ̲̅ᴍ̲̅ᴀ̲̅ʀ̲̅sʜ̲̅ᴀ̲̅ʟ̲̅ʟ̲̅ ➲. I am also the admin of the room. The wife is not to be contacted at any time, as she is a fierce Norse angry viking woman who hates strangers and hates talking to them even more. She also hates the internet – and probably you. Especially you.

Link to the Discord – here.

What is SkyMarshall Arts?2024-01-30T17:42:43+01:00

SkyMarshall Arts is what I’ve called my music project since the 90s. I make digital music for the nostalgic gamers out there, because I am one myself and find it soothing to create bangers out of old video game music and themes I remember from when I was a wee lad. I guess other people could relate, and that is why I have continued to create music at various intervals for the last 25 years.

Where can I find your music?2024-01-31T07:26:33+01:00

Literally everywhere. It’s on every streaming platform I can think of, all tough I focus on Spotify personally. I also try and make a fitting music video on YouTube for every new release, so go looking for that there. You can find all the information you need in the SkyMarshall Arts tab up in the menu above. Go have a look.

What software do you use to produce music?2024-01-31T16:43:59+01:00

I mainly use FLStudio by Image-Line and has done so ever since it was called Fruityloops and popped into the scene in the early 2000s. Before that I had my fun in sample based trackers. My favorite has always been FastTracker 2 by Starbreeze. So my album ‘Tracker in Training’ was made in trackers, and everything from ‘The Nintendo Generation’ and up was made in FLStudio (mainly).

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