Welcome to the humble home of SkyMarshall Arts

There you are. Welcome to the only official site on the web for SkyMarshall Arts. It’s not all that much, but it’s something. Within you will find all that you need to feed that nostalgia monster inside you. I’ve tried to stuff as much information in here as I can. If for some reason that does not do it for you, please join our Discord and ask for whatever you need.

SkyMarshall Arts – Eternal Gamer (feat. Anastasia) | Latest Release: July 9th. 2023
A spiritual sequel to ‘Forever Gamer’ complete with nostalgic lyrics, vocals by Anastasia and a music video. This one was fun to make. You might recognize the melody as ‘Arrival’ by ABBA or Mike Oldfield. Hope you like it.

SkyMarshall Arts - Press Play to Continue

The latest and greatest. Had lots of fun with this. Great vocalists too. A collection of pure nostalgia for anyone sentient through the 80s and 90s.

SkyMarshall Arts - The Gamer Generation

A collection of some of my biggest hits out there on the internets, and most of the newest stuff. Vocals, movies and gaming are a theme in this one.

SkyMarshall Arts - Bygdetullinger

Pure norwegian funny garbage. Will make sense to absolutely nobody outside of our Viking homeland, but hugely popular among the norsemen.

SkyMarshall Arts Studio - 01
SkyMarshall Arts Studio - 02
SkyMarshall Arts Studio - 03
SkyMarshall Arts Studio - 06

My studio. The dungeon. My lair.

So this is where I create my music. The mancave. When we bought a house this was an important thing. I needed my dungeon. I’ve got everything I need here. A powerful rig, studio monitors, VR, midi-keyboards and ofcourse retro-computers like the Amiga 1200 and the Commodore 64 with it’s incredible SID-chip under that yellow 80’s plastic.

I use FLStudio Producer Edition for everything I do, I tinker live on a Novation LanchKey and I edit samples in Adobe Audition and vocals are recorded on a HyperX Quadcast. When I get bored I probably have more games than I will ever be able to complete in life-time as well as every console ever made ever and two beautiful arcade cabinets of Mortal Kombat and PacMan. Collecting games and retro-tech is a big hobby of mine.

When it comes to soundcard, I have used the Steinberg UR242 for years now. It works well and never tanks. I use a pair of M-Audio BX5 for studio-monitors, and Cerwin Verga surround system on a Sony STR-DH520 amplifier when I need to feel the thump. Other than that I dont use anything fancy or crazy expensive. Useful stuff that just works.

So that’s my little hobbit-hole. Join our Discord if you want to hang and talk more.

Who is SkyMarshall Arts?

Eirik Hafskjold has his origins from the Amiga and PC tracker music scene in Norway as early as 1995. (aka DjDark, Dj Dark, SkyMarshall). Early works was produced and remixed in software such as FastTracker and Modplug Tracker and shared locally on LAN parties or online on popular tracker scene websites of the time – like Newgrounds or Remix64 or TraxInSpace (defunct).

The rise of the internet resulted in that a few select songs started to make the rounds with free sharing of mp3, remixes, internet forums and word of mouth online – and by 1999 the norwegian electronic band SkyMarshall Arts had its genesis. From there it has been a steady stream of electronic compositions in many genres released at an intermittent rate.

The common theme since the beginning on the Commodore Amiga has been gaming, and this has resulted in many a song based off arcane melodies long forgotten, which in return has resulted in a loyal likeminded fanbase. Unknown or confusing to many non-norwegians is the fact that he has produced many fairly popular norwegian songs of humorous nature as well.

All in all SkyMarshall Arts has been around for a while making music in many a genre and will continue to do so in the unforseeable future.

Contact: Join our Discord.